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Anytime Pest Elimination knows what's bugging you. We understand how to eliminate stubborn infestations and keep them from coming back. Whether your business has been plagued by ants or you are waking up with painful bedbug bites, we are committed to finding a solution that fits your budget and resolves your pest problem quickly and efficiently.

All of our services begin with a thorough inspection to locate the source and scope of the infestation. Our team will then apply a proven pest control method tailored to the unique circumstances of your problem. We back up all of our services with some of the most comprehensive guarantees in San Antonio area so you can rest more easily knowing your property is protected and pest-free.

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Bugs infestations are not only a nuisance but can also pose serious health risks to you and your family. That’s why calling in professional pest control technicians like Anytime Pest Elimination is important as soon as you notice any signs of an infestation.

Why choose us? Simply put, we know how to get the job done right so you can rest assured your home is safe and pest-free.










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Anytime was extremely professional and diligent in their work. They took their time to assess things properly. My tech was Alfredo. He was truly a pleasure to have and answered all of our questions. Probably my best pest control experience in the last 20 years in Houston!

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K. Hilton

Ant Control

Ant Exterminators In San Antonio, TX

We are rated the #1 ant control and elimination company city-wide. We provide the best Houston pest control services and do our best to eliminate the issue with ants. Ants are a huge nuisance; once they enter your home or business, they are most likely to multiply. Ants can be more than just annoying, they can hurt your pets or family members and contaminate your food. There are several species of ants in the central Texas area, and they can be extremely hard to control.

Ants are known to infest areas around the house that contain starchy and sugary items. This can include:

  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Sinks
  • Trash Cans
  • Food Cabinets
  • Storage Areas

Ants can get into your home through extremely small spaces or cracks. Along with indoor infestations, ants can also build colonies in your yard or by the pool. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also bite and sting.

Getting bitten by an ant can ruin a fun day playing in the yard or sitting by the pool. There’s no reason to let ants slow down your life or business.

Contact the professionals at Anytime Pest Elimination to create a solution to your ant infestation problem!

A closeup view of ants on a counter.A pest control technician spraying under kitchen cabinets.

Bedbug Control

Effective Bed Bug Treatment for Homes & Businesses in San Antonio, TX

Contrary to their name, bed bugs can infest more than just your bed. Bed bugs are located in furniture, clothing, behind wall coverings, and more.

Anytime Pest Elimination offers complete residential pest control treatment that Houston residents have relied on for years to keep their homes safe. We provide a free bed bug inspection when you call us. We will identify the issue to ensure you have bed bugs or identify the insect you are having a problem with.

Bed bugs can take up residence and thrive in anyone’s home or business, no matter how clean it is. This includes:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Apartments
  • And More...

We don’t just control bed bugs. We eliminate them.

If you notice bed bugs at your home or business in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to contact our bed bug exterminators.

A closeup of a bed bug.A bed bug technician inspecting a mattress.

Cockroach Elimination

Complete Roach Elimination & Removal in San Antonio, TX

No one wants to find a roach in their home or business and chances are where there is one, there are many more. Cockroaches are not just disgusting pests; they can also carry diseases and allergens. They carry germs on their legs and can easily contaminate food in your home or business. When searching for cockroach control in San Antonio, look no further than Anytime Pest Elimination.

Cockroaches are incredibly common in Texas because they thrive in warm, humid areas. Cockroaches have evolved over millions of years, and they can be extremely difficult to eradicate with over-the-counter methods. If you see one cockroach, it’s a safe bet that there are hundreds more. The sighting of a roach in your business puts it at risk of losing customers and clients.

Some of their most common hiding spots are:

  • In the Walls
  • Under the Floors
  • In Cabinets

Contact us online, and our Houston pest control team will happily provide you with a FREE estimate!

A little girl afraid of a cockroach on a counter.A pest control technician spraying under furniture.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a Health Threat.

We’ve all had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. The mosquito’s saliva causes an allergic reaction which is why you get those itchy red bumps. A more serious consequence of mosquito bites is the transmission of serious diseases and viruses such as Malaria, Zika, and West Nile virus. These diseases can lead to disabling and deadly outcomes. Because of these serious consequences, it is important to have mosquito elimination regularly.

Worldwide, Malaria infects about 250 million people annually, with more than a million cases resulting in death. While mosquitoes are less of a threat here in the United States, some entomologists believe that global warming could significantly increase diseases carried by mosquitos and other insects.

Anytime Pest Elimination for Mosquito Control

Mosquitos can detect a host from as far away as 100 feet. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, the lactic acid and octanol in our breath, and sweat. This is why it is important to always seek the help and mosquito control experience of Anytime Pest Elimination when faced with a mosquito infestation.

Want to learn more about how we can keep your home or business mosquito-free?

A mosquito on a hand.Exterior fumigation to prevent insects.

Rodent Control

Dealing with a Rat or Mouse Infestation?

Rats and mice are very common in Texas, and they can pose a real threat when they infest your home or business. Rodents can carry a variety of diseases, including the Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Rat Bite Fever.

They spread disease when they bite from their droppings and contaminate the food stored in your kitchen or pantry. Urine trails, rodent droppings, hair, and dander can all cause unhealthy allergies. Rodent control services can reduce the risk of disease and infestation in your home or business.

If a rodent infestation is allowed to grow, the damage they cause can be severe. Once rats or mice get inside your home or business, they set up nests and multiply rapidly. Rats can gnaw through sheetrock, wood, and insulation.

Anytime Pest Elimination offers pest control services you can rely on. Our rodent pest exterminators serve San Antonio and all surrounding areas, and we even offer emergency services.

A damaged cable by rats.A technician filling up extermination product inside mouse traps boxes.

Termite Control

Reliable Termite Control for Residents of in San Antonio, TX

Termite damage can devastate your home or business and cause thousands of dollars if not treated properly and swiftly. In the United States, termites damage more than 600,000 homes each year. Residents in the U.S. spend an estimated $5 billion annually on termite control and repairing the damage that termites cause. That’s more than the cost of all the fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes in the U.S. combined.

It is crucial to have trusted experts inspect your home for termites to avoid these devastating damages. At Anytime Pest Elimination, we are fully equipped to conduct thorough termite inspections and successfully treat termites with termite control you can count on to last.

Request your service with our friendly team now. We always provide FREE estimates!

A closeup view of a termite.A pest control technician spraying an anti-termites product on the bottom of a door.

Scorpion Control

Expert Scorpion Control & Extermination in San Antonio, TX

Discovering a scorpion in your residential or commercial premises is unsettling. Notorious for their venomous stings, scorpions are not just a nuisance; they can pose health risks. Their potential to cause painful stings and allergic reactions makes them a serious concern for homeowners and businesses. For efficient scorpion control in San Antonio, trust none other than Anytime Pest Elimination.

We understand the seriousness of a scorpion infestation. Utilizing the latest pest control technology and methods advancements, we effectively target scorpions in their common hiding spots. Our experts are adept at identifying signs of scorpions and employ custom, comprehensive strategies to ensure their complete elimination.

They are often found hiding in:

  • Cracks and Crevices
  • Under Rocks or Debris
  • Inside Shoes

Contact us today, and our dedicated San Antonio team will gladly provide a FREE estimate!

Scorpion is hiding in the crevices of a backyard in San Antonio, TXProfessional pest control unit is exterminating scorpions from a home in San Antonio, TX

Flea Extermination

Dependable Flea Extermination Services for Households in San Antonio, TX

Flea infestations can create discomfort and health risks for both pets and humans, leading to irritating skin reactions and, in some cases, transmitting diseases such as Typhus and Bartonella. Every year in the United States, millions of dollars are spent on flea control products and services to combat these persistent pests.

The battle against fleas is only won with professional intervention. At Anytime Pest Elimination, we have the experience and tools to provide comprehensive flea extermination services. We offer solutions that eradicate existing infestations and prevent future ones.

Reach out to our dedicated team today. We're committed to providing FREE estimates!

a photo of a flea tickresidential flea removal by a pest control team in San Antonio

Spider Control

Efficient Spider Control for Homes in San Antonio, TX

While most spiders are harmless and can even be beneficial by controlling other pests, some spider species in the United States, like the Brown Recluse or the Black Widow, can pose serious health risks. Spiders can make homes feel less inviting, causing anxiety and discomfort, and indicate other pest issues.

Effective spider control involves a multi-faceted approach, from sealing entry points to managing other insect populations that serve as a food source for spiders. At Anytime Pest Elimination, we're skilled in performing detailed inspections and implementing effective spider control measures that ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

Contact our professional team now. As always, we offer FREE estimates!

a photo of a house spiderresidential spider removal by a pest control technician

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10-years termite-free

When we treat your home for termites, we promise to be termite-free for ten years! If you find evidence of new infestation in that time, we’ll be sure to come back to re-treat!

1 Year Guarantee.

1-year bed bug-free

We are very confident in our ability to eradicate any bed bugs on the first attempt. However, we do realize how tenacious these pests are. We promise to re-treat within the first year of service if necessary.

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General pest
whole yard-free

Anytime Pest Elimination promises a pest-free yard! This is why we promise to re-treat your yard should you not be satisfied the first time!

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